Do You Need Crane Service for Your Project?

Do You Need Crane Service for Your Project?

Get expert help from Osorio Tree Service in Lagrangeville, NY

Cranes are heavy-duty pieces of equipment, and you need a professional to operate them. Choose Osorio Tree Service for your crane service. Our crane company has been serving Lagrangeville, New York since 2010, assisting with roofing, framing and other related projects.

Osorio Tree Service also offers crane tree removal. If you have a large, unstable tree near your home, it creates a serious safety risk for you and your family. Contact us today to set up service.

Heavy-duty lifting services

From framing to tree removal, our crane company can handle it all. Our cranes reach up to 142' on their own and 200' with a jib extension. They have the strength to lift items like...

  • Hot tubs.
  • AC units.
  • Generators.

Roofing contractors often benefit from our crane service to move larger equipment up and down.

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